Hallie Boston’s one goal in life was to get on Jeopardy! Then she had to go fuck it all up and lose.

Now she’s just wandering through life and hoping that, through zero qualifications and minimum effort, a position will fall into her pug-filled lap that forces every studio in the world (but really just looking at you, Focus Features and A24) to send her free screeners.

Her interests include:

  • Movies, movie theaters, movie marathons and movie trivia
  • Her dogs – Layla and Murray – who would be mortified at this second-class placement
  • Traveling, either in actuality or planning elaborate vacations in her head that she hopes to be able to afford one day (God damn you, Trebek!)
  • Reading, but certainly nothing impressive (unless you’re easily impressed by Vulture.com and enough murder books to undoubtedly place her on some list somewhere)
  • Drafting blog posts in her head and rarely getting around to publishing them. Welcome!
  • Craft beer and any cocktail called “El Diablo”
  • Cheeseboards – all day, every day
  • Sports, but please don’t try to speak to her about anything outside of the Boston Red Sox and Andy Murray
  • Swaying awkwardly in the back of various concerts and music festivals